Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sims 3 Lot*Family House 01

Family House 01 (Unfurnished)

CC-Free Version Available =)

2 Storey with 3 bed 2 bath

WA Basement, Pool,

Attached Double Garage

Lot Size: 30X30

Price: $ 49,047 (Unfurnished)

All EPs and No SP

Game Version: 1.26 with Pets


Floor plan

First Floor

Second Floor



CC-Free Version: The windows, fences and some patterns are changed to EA stuff. Other parts are still the same as the above previews. But you'll still need all EPs as I have used build stuff from them.


***Both S3P and Package files for the lot are included in download. Install either one.
For S3P file, simply install the file through the launcher.
For Package file, put the file in "C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library\".

Custom Content

*CCs are included in the download file above. All in package format.
*CCs included in the download file have been fixed by the TSR Rigfix Tool and tested in game.

Arch: Opened Sliding Door by Luna
Fence: Poolside Fence by Luna
Fence: Porch Fence Top and Bottom by Flabaliki at MTS
Roof: White-trimmed Maxis Roof by Tammy at MTS
Wall: Country Tiles by Apple at TSR
Window: Federal Window Match Set by Missyzim at TSR
Window: Rise-High the Window 1X1 Counter 2tile by Alxandra78 at TSR

Pattern: Plank Wood Pattern by Plum at MTS


Some more interior shots with furnishing

Credit List for preview pictures

Pic 1
Bed and Blanket by Apple at TSR
Bed Pillows by Camille
Dresser by ShinoKCR at TSR
Phone Deco by 8-3
Pillow by RD
Photo by Luna
Table Lamp by EA
Jug with Flowers by EA


  1. Love ur houses, hey whatever happened to the cute little house you had up here? was so waiting for those

  2. this house is so nice! thank you :)

  3. any chance to get a NON CC version?

  4. ^Anon

    CC-free version available now =)

    And thank you all for the lovely comments!

  5. This is perfect! Just what I've been looking for. Thank you!

  6. Wow! Your houses are just amazing! The roofing and layouts are so professional and linear! Keep em comin!

  7. I can't stop using this house for my simmies. I'm glad they don't get bored of it :) great work, can't wait for the next creation.

  8. Is this house in the sims 3 exchange also??

  9. Inside the Visitors Center there is a really wonderful collection of artifacts and historical displays. All the pottery shown below was behind glass, building a chain link fence