Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sims 3 Lot*Brickhouse 01

Brickhouse 01 (Unfurnished)

2 Storey with 3 bed 2 bath

WA Basement, Attached Garage

 Lot Size: 20X30

 Price: $ 44,336 (Unfurnished)

 All EPs and No SP

 Game Version: 1.26 with Pets


Floor plan

 First Floor 

 Second Floor





***Both S3P and Package files for the lot are included in download. Install either one.
For S3P file, simply install the file through the launcher.
For Package file, put the file in "C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library\".

Custom Content

*CCs are included in the download file above. Most in package format.
*CCs included in the download file have been fixed by the TSR Rigfix Tool and tested in game.

Arch: Liams Corner 3Tiles Arch by Angela at TSR
Arch: Opened Sliding Door by Luna
Counter: Timian Kitchen Island by Lisa 86 at TSR
Fence: Bipartisan Fencing by Apple at TSR
Fence: Porch Fence Top and Bottom by Flabaliki at MTS
Roof: White-trimmed Maxis Roof by Tammy at MTS
Wall: Fractional Wall 1/2, Fractional Wall 2/3 by Alexpilgrim at MTS
Window: 2 tile Colonial Window by Missyzim at TSR
Window: Colonial Window tall by Missyzim at TSR
Window: 2x1 Colonial Window tall Missyzim at TSR

White Bricks by Angela at TSR
Ceramic Subway Tiles by JaneSamborski ar MTS
White Brick by Mango
Blue Paint by Pocci
Terracotta Tiles by Liegen
Old Dirty Brick by Sims Design Avenue*I downloaded this pattern from beatdoc16 at LJ who makes AMAZING houses for sims. And I have unashamedly used beatdoc's recolor of the pattern coz it is simply beautiful=P Credits to beatdoc16 and SDA!

EA Store Content

*Store Contents are not included in download.

Door: Porterman Glass Doors
Wall Light: Office Wall Light


Some more interior shots with the furnished brickhouse

More pictures at My Album =)

Credit List for preview pictures

Pic 1
EKTORP Loveseat and Sofa by Hysterical Paroxysm at MTS
Pillows by Pilar at Simcontrol (Reg needed)
Noguchi Coffee Table by Awesims
Sideboard by Awesims
Paintings by Mango
EA Vintage Stereo by T-Mobile for EA

Pic 2
Dining Table by Awesims
Chair by Awesims
Lamp by Awesims
Sideboard by Awesims
Chesterfield Wing Chair by Pocci
Radio by Angela at TSR
Bird Statue by Pilar at TSR
Coffee set by Shakeshaft at TSR
Curtain by Camille

Pic 3
Fridge by Simcredible
Counter by Angela at TSR
Counter Island by Exotic Elements
Vintage Calendar by Luna
Wall Tools by Simcredible
Cookbook by Shakeshaft at TSR
Lemon Bowl by Infusorian
Cookies Jar by Mensure

Pic 4
Blind by Angela at TSR
Deck Chair by Eryt96 at TSR
Planting Pots by Lemoncandy at Livingsims

Pic 5
Ladder Shelf by Luna
Getaway Lounge Chair by EA


  1. Wow....speechless....
    I must have it, though. Downloading....
    Thank you for your time, talent and creativity!

  2. Hi there, love your house; it is beautifully detailed and realistic yet very playable - great job; I have bookmarked your blog!

  3. I love it! Will you be putting up a cc list? You have great taste

  4. I love this house too! I can't wait to see more from you. :)

  5. This is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  6. this house is wonderfull thank you so much for spend your time in this but i have a question, i want to know how i download the house furnished!!!

  7. Hi, Noel. What a beautiful house. Thank you for sharing. I have read your instructions for installing the CC but my question is - I already have the CC you used in my Mods folder - but I noticed you have renamed the files. Do I need to put the renamed files into the library as you instruct or will they show up since I already have them?

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this! It's really lovely.

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad that you like the house=)

    I have been working on my cc list yet it is a VERY long one coz I download almost everything from the community=P
    But I will be putting up a credit list for the CCs used in preview pics later.

    In fact the lot is only partly furnished and I only took pictures of the furnished parts =P
    I don't have the plan to upload the furnished lot yet..mainly because it includes too many CCs. Maybe I can cut down the number of CCs used but it will take some time to furnish the lot. Sorry for now!

    I think you don't need to install mine as they should have the same IDs. The game recognizes the CC IDs instead of the names of CC=)

  10. Hello,
    i was wondering if I could use this house in my legacy?

    Ofcoz you can! Happy Simming =)

  12. Thank you,I will give you credit of course!

  13. Noel thank you so much to put the credits of the custom content!! i like so much your house it is a very beatifull work!!! and i will play whit this.

  14. Wow, Really good! Thankyou for this Noel! :)

  15. Hi, Noel!! It's me again, Anon 7.... I am happy to say that the house showed up beautifully with the CC I already had in my Mods folder. Looks even better in game. Thank you again!

  16. Hey, so what did you use in this house from the Pets EP? I really like this house, but I don't have Pets because it's too graphically demanding for my computer. Would I still be able to use the house without having Pets?

  17. @Jaynee
    I have only used some plants and one lamp from Pets. You can still use the house without Pets =)

  18. OH HAPPY DAY!!! :D
    Thank you, Noel!

  19. What happened to you other homes? I was really looking forward to downloading therm

  20. Oh my gosh this house is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. =)